Single Head Ultrasound Scanners

Single Head WiFi Ultrasound Scanners are used in emergency clinical, hospital ward inspection, community clinical and outdoor inspection, small hospitals in rural areas, companies, personal usage (rent or buy), easy carried & operated.
Latest Single Head Ultrasound Machines, Personal, Lightweight. Enables doctors to carry the wireless ultrasound scanner outdoor if it’s necessary.
In addition, the Single Head wireless ultrasound scanner can be conveniently used in surgery without fixing cables.
Today, the new medical health connected devices have offered Pocket Single Head Ultrasound Machine, Wireless Ultrasound Probe For iPhone / Android / iPad, Handheld Wireless Probe, Wireless Portable Ultrasound, and Wireless Single Head Handheld Ultrasound.

The colored images are transferred via WiFi to your phone or tablet’s screen. It is IOS and Android compatible. Small and light, easy to carry, and easy to operate. The Single Head  ultrasound scanner of SONOSIF does not compensate for the colored image quality.

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